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      There are more than 8 miles of coastline in Laguna Beach. The terrain of the beaches varies from flat sandy beaches like that of Main Beach where you can walk from the downtown streets right on to the beach to shear cliffs that drop right in to the Pacific Ocean. Some of the beaches are all sand, free of rocks and stones and others are mostly rocks.

If you spend any time in Laguna you will notice that during the winter months a lot of the beaches loose a lot of sand. Victoria Beach is one of these beaches. In the winter some areas of Victoria loose almost all of the sand which exposes very rough rocks that can be very difficult to navigate. Always be careful when climbing or walking on these rocks because large swells or waves can take you by surprise and knock you over.

To give you a head start with discovering the beaches of Laguna, we have photographed the beaches from different angles so you can get an idea of the ones you'd like to explore first.

Let's take a look at some of the beaches.
Laguna Coast Map
      Beaches are listed from North to South (stay tuned, more to come)

Heisler Park
Between Myrtle and Aster Streets along the beach side of Cliff Drive.

Victoria Beach
Private public white sandy beach off PCH at Victoria Drive

Montage Resort Beach
Private beach with interesting rock formations at the Montage Resort in South Laguna.

Thousand Steps Beach
South Laguna across from 9th streets

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